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The company held a forum for new college students in 2020


On the afternoon of August 7, the company held a forum for new college students' employees in 2020 in the conference room on the third floor. A total of 28 people, including the company's leaders at home, senior technical (business) directors, main heads of departments and industry and trade branches, leaders of Youth League committees, representatives of outstanding college students' employees, and new college students' employees in 2020, attended the forum.

At the forum, 10 college students actively spoke and talked about their feelings and training experience since they arrived at the post. They said that they would change their roles as soon as possible, inherit the "basket spirit" of the company, go to the production line and where the company needs most, constantly hone themselves, inherit and carry forward the fighting and dedication spirit of the older generation of the company's employees. The leaders of the company, senior technical (business) directors, main persons in charge of functional departments and industrial and trade branches, persons in charge of the Youth League Committee, representatives of outstanding college students' employees and other participants introduced their own work experience and experience, guided the new college students' employees to clarify their personal development direction, and encouraged the healthy growth of the new college students' employees.

Ruan Chengxing, Secretary of the Party committee of the company, puts forward several requirements for the growth and achievement of the new college students: first, we should continue to learn, integrate into practice, and become the talents that can be made and used by the company; second, we should pay attention to practical work, not be afraid of hardship, and achieve "diligent hands, diligent legs, diligent mouth" to work solidly; third, we should improve our skills, love our posts and devote ourselves to our work Professional, learn and improve in practice; four is to unite and cooperate, common development, more communication and more exchanges, improve the ability of communication and coordination, and common development with the enterprise; five is to hope that all units and departments of the company care about college students' employees, and build a good platform for their growth. (Zhang Wenchen)